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Welcome to W. Nicolay b.v.

W. Nicolay b.v. is an independent family business based in Balk (Friesland, the Netherlands). We are a modern cattle trading business specialising in the import and export of calves, calf trading within the Netherlands, and calf fattening farms.



Origins of the business
In the mid 1960s, Willem Nicolay started to buy calves on his local Dutch markets and sell them on to various calf producers. After a few years Willem decided to expand his horizons internationally. The international trade quickly took off, and this is now where the company's core activity lies. Since the early 1970s it has combined its trading activities with cattle feeding contracts with calf producers located throughout the Netherlands. Willem’s cattle trading and rearing genes have been passed on to his sons Thomas and Lourens, who are fully involved in the business. Thomas is concerned with national and international trade and contacts with the calf producers. Lourens manages a domestic and a foreign sister company, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office in Balk.



Stichting Kwaliteitsgarantie Vleeskalversector (SKV)

The SKV (Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector) monitors the quality of veal in the Netherlands. All of our contract farms are covered by the SKV's regulations. W. Nicolay b.v. is SKV certified (KVC certificate no. 0231).


Qualitysystem Livestock Logistics (QLL)
W. Nicolay b.v. holds QLL certification. QLL is a Dutch quality scheme which lays down requirements relating to the transportation and collection of farm animals.

'Beter leven' (Better Life) star
We also fatten calves under a 'Better Life Star' for animal welfare.

Air-conditioned transport
To transport our calves, we use a range of air-conditioned vehicles.